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ElasticMining, based in Taiwan, offers data solutions to the world.

ElasticMining is dedicated to servicing you with our Data Mining, Data Infrastructure and Data Visualization solutions. We communicate efficiently and effectively to ensure our customized services are right for your industry, data volume, your budget and other important factors that you care about.

Our mission is clear. ELASTIC, offering you tailored data services and always being right here when you need us. MINING, not only finding insights from your valuable data, but also figuring out your business problems by knowing what you really need.

ElasticMining aims to shape the future of your business, together with you. Better. Faster. Stronger.


ElasticMining provides a total solution for your business and data.

Data Mining and Analysis

Derive Big business value from the data. ElasticMining helps you understand your business and customers, extract actionable, valuable insights from your data for better business decisions making.

Data Infrastructure

Mine the BIG value from the Big Data, faster! ElasticMining helps your business build a data platform that is fast, scalable and more cost-effective.

Data Visualization

Good visualization helps you reveal complex data at a glance. ElasticMining uncovers trends and insights by storytelling with your data.

Our Amazing Team

Meet our Co-Founders!

Business Strategist experts in Big Data and Marketing Analysis

May Yang

Business Strategist

May is an experienced business consultant and marketing technologist. She is the proud owner of Marketing-Taiwan which offers business solution to global companies. Her focus is on digital marketing, market research and data analytics fields.

In her free time, she loves reading, travelling and sports.

Data Consultant experts in Data Mining, Big Data and medical statistics

Erica Li

Data Consultant

Erica specializes in e-commerce data mining and medical statistics, her project experiences include customer segmentation, customer life cycle, and BI report with Apache Spark. She is 2015 HadoopCon Speaker and an Apache Spark teacher.

Erica is also a popular blogger who spreads her positive energy to the world.

Big Data Analysis and Data science expert

Bryan Yang

Big Data Analyst

Bryan is a passionate big data analyst and insights discoverer. His specific expertise lies on data analysis, data engineering and data model design.

Bryan is an expert in digital commerce, mobile advertising, and online media industry and devoted to intergrate data into business processes .

Data Scientist experts in machine learning and big data algorithm

Ryan Chao

Data Scientist

Ryan specializes in octave programing and neural network algorithm, and is familiar with R, python, C/C++. He ranks Top 25% in Kaggle competition (ICDM 2015 Drawbridge Cross-Device Connections). Ryan owns a mechanical engineering degree and has development experiences in 8051, ARM, iOS and Android applications.

In his spare time Ryan loves reading and learning!

Big Data Backend Developer

Mark Yang

Backend Developer

Mark tackles with big data related problems, with the help of tools like Apache Spark, Scala, Hadoop, Akka and Linux.His most recent project was a log monitor for his company. Mark was the 2015 HadoopCon speaker. He also continually coaches students big data tools.

Mark likes everything that is beautiful.

Big Data Engineer

Wei-Ching Lin

Data Engineer

Natural Language Processig, Text Mining, Apache Spark are key areas Wei-Ching focuses on. He ranks top 2% in Kaggle Rossmann Store Challenge and was 2015 HadoopCon speaker.

Wei-Ching has big goal, he wants to make machines do all annoying chores for us and to relieve us from boring jobs.

Blog Writer

Larry Lo

Blog Writer

Larry experts in system architecture design, large scale server design and jvm performance tuning.

Larry aims to help people gain better lives, he participated in projects that either bridges the information gap between media published news and people's comments on forum, or identifies air pollution problem in Taiwan.

Machine Learning Engineer who loves to work with Big data

Chu-Yu Hsu

Blog Writer

Chu-Yu is the Big Data jack-of-all-trades. His recent projects includes IR systems, Large-scale Named Entity Recognition, Knowledge Recommendation System, and Adaptive Strategy Planing Optimizaton with Multi-armed Bandit Machine.

Chu-Yu is an AI enthusiast who always poking around the cutting edge techniques.

Meet Our Consultants!

Kent Shih

Team Consultant

Kent is a machine learning and large scale data processing domain expert. He has completed QuikecCIRE development, ASUS Vibe, ETU insight and PIXNET user demographic detection system.

Osaki Hsieh

Team Consultant

Osaki is a Front-end web developer & Web UI Designer. His major is in Html & css with jade & sass. Experience in building professional RWD and SPA website.

ElasticMining is lovingly built and currently maintained by all these fine folks.

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